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The Blended Retirement System

Being in the United States military carries with it a number of benefits. Military retirement pay is arguably one of the best and highly sought after benefits. This benefit also increases with the cost of living helping to ensure that the value of a military retirement does not decline over time. Properly managed, a military retirement can easily last a lifetime and in some cases include survivor benefits.

Planning for Retirement

Retirement investment planning is critical for everyone including those expecting to retire from the military with a pension. Read all of the articles.

Military Retirement

Military Retirement, unlike civilian retirement has many requirements and can be a challenge to navigate. Learn how to plan for military retirement and more.

Second Retirement

The second retirement is a concept that is leveraged by many veterans who have moved on to successful second careers in the private sector. Learn more.

Survivor Benefits Plan

The survivor benefit plan (SBP) pays the surviving spouse a monthly payment (annuity) to help make up for the loss of your retirement income. Read about SBP.

Post Retirement Careers

The skills and training gained in the military provide a solid base for those seeking employment in the private sector. Learn about second career options.